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Shaping creations through an Optimistic Outlook.
Pessimism is a waste of is the optimist who makes the inventions for this world.
My ancestry has blessed me with a wealth of talents to use. So I pay them back by remember and publishing their real dna worth they left with us all to multiply. Seven smart grandchildren have been Fran and my contribution to this loan payment.

God can help us with creative ways through our soul!

We all receive a loan at birth - this is a gift that allows our passage travel through an undefined period of time.
But for all of the spirit believers the gift includes comes with an extension beyond.
When our present dna body temple expires there comes a possible renewal place for our spirit.
I hope you will walk with me in this direction. I call my passage DexTime. I call the today moment DexNow.
I call the documented travel experiences DeterWatch.
My name is Dexter, a name since the party side came out from college.
I share the personalities Ralph with Dexter and have come to love and enjoy both sides.
So you will find both businesslike and the naughty partylike of
Their ancestry dna heritage is genealogy expanded in
Since I am retired Dexter's personality has really taken over - as you can tell from my eBooks.

The name Ralph Waite (in addition to the actor from the Walton TV show) turns out to be fairly common in the ancestry tree search. The name Ralf was the old English spelling which has become Ralph.


Learning life was natural in a small town like Sellersville, Pa or Mystic Ct.










Life in a small town runs at a different pace. It seems to be set by the local business attitudes and activities.  It also could be the Pennsylvania Dutch (German) people. They were dedicated hard workers but at a farmers pace. 

My hometown was Sellersville, which is next to Perkasie, Souderton, Telford, Quakertown and far away Doylestown - the county seat. Actually my family was renting in 17 Noble St, Sellersville and mom and dad decided to build their house up on a hill just outside of Sellersville in West Rockhill Township. It was well named since we had these red colored rocks everywhere we tried to dig.

This rambling is a "Mackway thing" (my mother's family) they take a written road and follow it to a crossroad in their mind and then make a turn and keep repeating these turns until they have lost the reader in a maze of written subject turns. But we need to get back to Life in the slow lane.

My dad was born in Bethlehem and move to Sellersville looking for a job. He wrote a diary 1935-36 while living at the Sellers Inn/Tavern now called the Washington House. He worked as an artist and draftsman in the engineering department of the US Gauge company. It was a (German) gauge manufacture used for reading temperature and pressure.  He worked his way up to chief engineer with no engineering degree.

My mother and the Mackway family was living in Sellersville. She worked at the US Gauge, I am not sure about her job there.  She was active in the outside work activities and she met my dad since they were in archery together. He called her Mack. After Ralph Jr was born she stopped working to raise the family.
<- See Diary of Ralph Dexter Waite Sr - eBook "My two years in Bethlehem and the Washington House in Sellersville Pa."

Ralph Waite DNA results


It is our responsibility for our Ancestors to now get back and improve our world for our grandchildren - better than what is happening today. Obama is not leading as an American Citizen should. He must have been raised, educated and trained by a foreign power since he is completely stealing and taking away our American constitutional rights & values and even our world leadership. He has planned and implemented the destruction of our economy and has started the nationalization of all market based business.

Ralph Waite DNA results

BLOG MYOSITIS: I will blog in my personal battle with IBM (inclusive Body Myositis). Muscle disease in this form is new to doctors. They do not understand the illness and how to treat the problem.So they have prescribed once a week  6 pills of 2,5 mg Methotrexate and folic acid.

Inclusion body myositis (IBM)
is an inflammatory muscle disease, characterized by slowly progressive weakness and wasting of both distal and proximal muscles, most apparent in the muscles of the arms and legs. There are two types - sporadic inclusion body myositis (sIBM) and hereditary inclusion body myopathy (hIBM).[1]


Ralph Waite copyright Op Sail 2000

"the DexterWatch"

"A Wee Dram" is my perspective collection and findings of Celtic history.
The SCOTS may have used the Wee Dram Scotch as a form of payment or barter. It continues to this day.
Friends know my computer help and work for pay is based on this Wee Dram as a form of payment for fair value 
Ralph Blog is my personal side as is Recipes, Travel, Penn State and Phi Gamma Delta.

This is one of many ralphwaite web sites that reflect crossroads of creative thinking and the sharing of conservative values. We hope they may prove interesting to you.
With the election finally over we need to get the stock (please) and markets growing again.
If only we could drain the swamp starting with the government.
We need no more of our government cash hand outs - to anyone including me.


"Family Cousins"

"", selection is for yesterday Genealogy.
It combines a Report and a Gathering for the conversations with a section on cousin eBooks and some of their personal family history. 
When we enter this family of life we have no choice of origin.
We must optimize our circumstances. Which means move on...

Ralph Waite DNA results

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